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An extended CRM web application

A tool that allowed dealers to maximize their in-person interaction and relationship-building with prospects and customers alike.

UX Research
Explored the dealership environment and activities:
The Sales floor where the actual selling happens
The dealer-customer interaction
What makes the customer return to the dealership for service, after purchase?

Information Architecture:
Mapped the different CRM activities that can take place outside the walls of the dealership.
Mapped the customer activities and interactions that happen on the car lot of a dealership.
Mapped the CRM activities a dealer can accomplish away from his desktop, on a mobile device.

Interface / Visual Design:
Created an elegant and intuitive interface that could be easily utilized by both dealers and their customers.

Greatly improved the dealership process and eliminated duplicate data-entry.
On average dealers saw a 4% gain in units sold and a 10% surge in service revenue.