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Nestlé Nesquik Package Redesign

A participatory research methodology applied to improve the package design for Nesquik chocolate powder.

The UX Process
A group of research partcipants were asked to maintain a photographic journal of their experience of using Nestle Nesquik.
Both parents and school-age children were interviewed.

Persona and Scenario Development:
The contextual interviews and journals helped develop criteria for the redesign:
A non-messy design that helps pour chocolate powder into a cup
A measuring scoop to allow easy dispensing
Highlighting the nutritional value of the powder
Incorporating the “Bunny”mascot into the product; although parents are ultimate desicion makers,
the bunny was a big lobby for kids.

Product Design:
Used cost-effective rapid prototyping to test out the designs.
The design was approved and implemented in collaboration with the product team at Nestlé.

Engaging the design team to work in tandem with the product team at Nestlé helped keep the project cost-effective.
The research was utilized as a means for on-going improvements to the Nesquik brand.
A second phase of the project was rolled out to bring Nestlé’s chocolate syrup to the market.