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Task Management tool for Marketing

A responsive web application that streamlined the process between creative and client service teams in Marketing.

UX Research:
Created a core team to work on identifying the problems facing the project management process in Marketing at Reynolds.

Information Architecture:
Created whiteboard schemas and post-it notes to lay out the task, features and functions from start to finish.
Created a multi-phase trajectory of the profession of the different tasks and their outcome.
Initiating a project:
Listing the project objective
Inviting the necessary people
Providing a creative brief and necessary files, references
Setting deadlines

Managing Tasks:
New, active, on-hold, due and past due

Generating Reports:
Sortable by project type, individuals, managers, teams and topic

Other functions:
Incorporate, calendar, appointments and meetings.

Interface / Visual Design:
A simplified responsive design that allowed users to securely login from any device.
Permissions-bases interface that allowed managers to oversee their teams’ tasks, schedules and timelines.

A custom designed solution helped focus on specific problems the marketing team was facing, including
moving timelines and priorities within the team and meeting stringent deadlines set by car companies.