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A native app that allows dealers to upload photos and videos of their vehicle inventory to their web application in real time.

The UX Process
Contextual Inquiry:
Researching mobile and tablet usage in car dealerships; observing how people use mobile devices in context with their work.
Understanding the dealership business; high employee turnover meant training becomes expensive. The design had to be intuitive and simple to use.

Information Architecture:
Mapping the entire task and experience from start to finish. This included a complete site-map of features and screens with notations about interactions and functionality.

Visual Design:
A content-focused interface that aided the user through each task. The combination of colors and design elements created a simple, uncluttered design.

An Agile development method allowed project managers, designers and developers to work collaboratively focusing on on-going improvement.

Customers uploading car media for their used car inventory saw 10% gain in units sold, and 5% gain in gross profit per unit.